cold-pressed juice + clean eats

feed your body at a cellular level. we create extraordinary juices and food that heal, empower, and help people thrive.

cold-pressed juice
+ clean eats

feed your body at a cellular level. we

create extraordinary juices and food that

heal, empower, and help people thrive.

the power of pure.

only juicing method that enables juices to be bottled without preservatives or processing while still retaining their raw nutrients and live enzymes for up to 5 days.

our juice is made from 100% raw fruits and vegetables pressed in-house daily. our produce is thoughtfully sourced to bring supreme quality and utilize local products whenever possible. we never use any form of preservatives, pasteurization or high pressure processing. we never dilute our juices or add any refined sweeteners.

the safest for your health and most sustainable for the environment. plastic bottles can emit harmful chemicals and are incredibly wasteful. our bottles can be fully recycled or creatively repurposed.

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Serious Root Juice


our roots & mission

it was a reluctant dream.  the kind of dream that began in a doctor’s office, born out of a terrifying diagnosis.  for founder andy mignery, a cancer diagnosis would open his eyes to the power nature provides us in real, proven, and tangible ways.  lower inflammation markers.  fueling the body on a mitochondrial level.  each ingredient, purposeful.  each combination, medicine.  the key to it all?  how it’s prepared.  how it’s stored.  when and where it’s served.

it was a personal healing project that led to a family passion, and ultimately, a business.  but this is not another story of triumph.  it is a story of responsibility.  to community.  to truth. a story about maximizing life.  its promise.  its vitality.  its possibilities.

we call it the thrivery, and we exist to do more than sell juice.  we want to educate.  inspire.  help others tap into their best selves.  all with no compromise.  no corners cut.  nothing pasteurized – ever.  nothing added – ever.  nothing to take away from the maximized impact of what nature generously provides.  cold-pressed and bottled immediately for an enlivening taste and a powerful all-over experience, unleashing your body’s own restorative powers.  we want to be the best part of the day.  every day.

our mission is to help the ill overcome.  to help the well feel even better.  and to help everyone discover their true potential.  that’s not simply pure juices.  that’s a pure purpose.

welcome to the thrivery.



ionized alkaline water

overall wellness starts with consistent hydration and our 9.5ph water promotes a ph balance. many of us live in an acidic environment caused by stress, uv rays, acidic foods, etc. and many believe that all disease thrives in an acidic environment in the body and will not flourish in an alkaline environment. 

Best juice in Ann Arbor... Don't wait to be healthy in January... Start like YESTERDAY. The juice and avocado toast is sooo dope.

Jojo - Coach Google

Thrive is an amazing spot in Ann Arbor. It is my go-to place for a heart healthy nutritious meal or snack. Must haves are the overnight oats and delicious energy bites. Their avocado toast is mv absolute favorite. I have some Gl issues and Thrive juices have really helped settle things out for me and reset my system. The sweet green juice and various smoothies for kids are the only way my children will take in their veggies. They ask to go to The Thrivery all of the time! Their rewards program is a nice perk. The staff is always friendly and happy which adds to the whole positive experience of visiting The Thrivery.

S Patterson google

The store has really great quality juices. They may seem pricey, but they are worth the price. Really high-quality ingredients that are cleverly blended to make some amazing juices. The service here is also really great. Very good staff here too. The design is also really well done. Clean simple and elegant aesthetic.

Tanzeel Merchant Google

Absolutely love this place. Everything about it, has such a clean feeling. The second you walk in everything feels like it's sparkling, and the customer service is wonderful! The time and process they put into the food. and smoothies is very impressive, and it for sure shows! The avocado toast and overnight oats are my favorite!

Crystal Holek Google

l love local places! But what sets this place apart is the atmosphere. fresh ingredients. and staff! I got the berry basil smoothie the first time and the second go around I got Strawberry Banana that has mint, lemon, cilantro, goodness etc! it turned my world upside down!!! I love coming here to read. Looking forward to trying many different juices over time. Going to try the cleanse next (:

Shalena Griffith Google

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