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ionized alkaline water

the benefits of ionized alkaline water are profound as overall wellness starts with consistent hydration. the human body is composed of roughly 70% water and proper hydration aids in healthy cell production, and overall healthy body function. the 9.5 ph of the thrivery water promotes ph balance. many of us live in an acidic environment caused by stress, uv rays, acidic foods etc… drinking alkaline 9.5 ph water makes it easier for your body to combat an acidic environment! many believe that all disease thrives in an acidic environment in the body and will not flourish in an alkaline environment. 

it is recommended to drink ½ an ounce of water for each pound of body weight daily. ex: a 100 pound person would need 50 ounces of water. this is the minimum daily recommended amount.


first we take ann arbor tap water and pass it through our nine step commercial micro-filtration process that removes 99.9% of all harmful contaminates.

we then send it through our commercial ionization/electrolysis machine to remove the acidic minerals, leaving only the alkaline minerals in the water including magnesium potassium, calcium, and sodium bicarbonate.

the result is an incredibly hydrating, refreshing, and antioxidant packed water with numerous clinically researched and scientifically backed benefits. 

our refillable water program

come to the thrivery and enjoy a fresh glass straight from the ionizer or purchase a refillable jug to bring home for the week!

like raw cold-pressed juice, ionized alkaline water is best consumed just after leaving the ionizer, plastic bottles on store shelves have sat for an unpredictable amount of time and the health benefit declines with each day.